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Latest Update: April 3, 2024

Thank you for visiting our bunny barn website featuring Holland Lops, the smallest of the Lop breed (averaging 4 lbs). After retiring, my husband and I started raising our sweet Holland Lop bunnies 13 years ago, along with our four granddaughters who have taken them to the county fair with their 4-H rabbit group. They are all grown up now so they don’t get to see their bunnies very often, but like to visit when they can.

We have a pretty comfortable bunny barn for our bunnies so they are pretty spoiled but we love to pamper them. We currently have six bucks and nine does which we breed frequently – hoping to keep up with our northern California customers looking for pet rabbits to adopt. We also sell feed, hay, etc. if you need it.

We have had many people helping us along the way especially Barbi Brown who used to have a huge barn of bunnies in Manteca. She is now residing in the foothills but still sells all her products on line. We can’t thank her enough for all the help she has been throughout the years; she is such a great resource and special friend. We would highly recommend her website, BarbiBrownsBunnies as it tells you everything you wanted to know and more about rabbits.

We also want to thank Ellyn Eddy of Rabbit Smarties.com for creating our websites. You’ll want to check out her website for more good rabbit info and to read her informative and interesting blogs.

Take a look at our “photo album” and meet our herd and family. We would certainly welcome your calls and inquiries, and invite you to come see our rabbitry if you are interested in purchasing a new little bunny. They make wonderful pets and are fun to show.

Thank you for considering Floppy Lop Bunnies as the place to purchase your bunny,

Skip and Linda Patterson

Tracy California

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